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What else is possible for you? 
  • Are you living with the helplessness of blaming other people for your situation?
  • Are you walking around each day feeling resentment because of how people have treated you?
  • Do you feel powerless to shape your future because everything you try fails miserably?
  • Are you too scared to put yourself out there and try because you’re deathly afraid of rejection?   
  • What does it mean when you fail?  Is it confirmation that you too are a failure?   
  • Do you want change but haven’t got a clue where to start?


Choosing to take the Active Authenticity Challenge will change everything.
The choice is yours and yours alone.
Testimonials on Jason’s Work
If you’ve never worked with Jason before, I highly recommend you do.

I used to be his boss, now I consider him a great friend. The best part – I am learning from him each and every day.

It was Jason that gave me the courage to take action in my life and start impacting others in the positive ways he thought I could. It was his “permission” that has helped me move forward.

For months I had been considering publishing a website and writing about my experiences as a leader and as a father. But I hadn’t taken action. I convinced myself that I should just focus on my new job.

My meeting with Jason Mackenzie changed all that. It was Jason that gave me the courage to take action and start impacting others in the positive ways he felt I could. It was the “permission” I guess I needed all along………

Sometimes in life we all need a gentle push in the right direction; a few subtle words of encouragement to help us move forward; a vote of confidence in our abilities to do something we have been hesitant to do; some perspective on how the worst consequence maybe isn’t such a bad consequence after all.

I have spent the past 6 months writing, creating websites, educating myself on online businesses, listening to podcasts on everything from fatherhood to blogging to membership sites to self improvement. I am now in the process of submitting my first ever book proposal to try to get published. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Jason showing me how to harness the power of vulnerability. I am so excited for the possibilities that lay before me!

More importantly, by sharing my story and being authentic, I have reconnected with some amazing people through this whole process. I am happier than I have ever been; I am accomplishing more than I ever did before, I am starting to take my health and well-being seriously again, and I am developing real connections with people each and every day.

When you are your authentic self and share your struggles, you can connect with anyone! Jason will teach you how to show up, and take your life to a better place in more ways than you can imagine.

Jeff Bouwman
Financial author, accountant, leader, speaker, educator, and student

I have gotten to know Jason Mackenzie extremely well over the past year. Jason and I met through my podcast, “The Good Dad Project” Podcast. When I first met Jason, I still thought that VULNERABILITY=WEAKNESS. Jason first commented on a podcast episode. He then emailed me to ask if we could spend a few minutes on the phone so he could get to know me, the mission of the “GDP,” and to share his story. I have to admit, when I heard Jason’s view on empowering ourselves and others through vulnerability, I thought what most men thought. I didn’t really get it and the concept made me uncomfortable. But then I heard Jason’s story. Jason and I spent an hour on the phone talking about his experience with losing his wife and his struggle with alcohol for years.

Something very interesting and unexpected happened during that conversation that I didn’t realize at the time. Jason opened up his life, his story, and shared intimate details of his struggles with me. Shocking when you consider that before this conversation, I didn’t know a thing about him. As Jason continued to talk, it gave me a tremendous amount of comfort. The simple reason being that I, too, had gone through similar struggles as Jason. I, too, had been through extreme low points in my life. I, too, went through a time where I struggled with alcohol to numb pain and hide who I was. As he shared his story, it reminded me that I was not alone in this continuous journey of manhood, fatherhood, and striving to simply become a better person. Through his story (vulnerability) he empowered me. He shared his own strength to give me strength of my own.

I learned something profound in that one conversation. Vulnerability will not only empower you, but it also empowers those around you.

Larry Hagner, The Good Dad Project
As a 48-year-old closet introvert, being vulnerable is a scary thought. You spend your life in a world that is based on networking while protecting yourself from too much interaction and keeping people on the periphery. All the while knowing this is self-defeating.

I had the pleasure of working in the same office as Jason for many years. I watched him slowly overcome hardship and morph into an unstoppable force. After a meeting I asked him “what are you doing”?

That was when I first witnessed the power of vulnerability. I knew Jason had lost his wife but had no idea the extent of the pain and suffering for him and his family. This openness didn’t cause me to run away from him but brought me closer to him.
Jason started telling me this intimate story because it “is” what he is doing. You “see” the fitness results and soon you will be able to “hold” the philosophy in Jason’s new book. It is the vulnerability and authenticity though that makes all this possible.
I have been working with Jason since early April. I am learning about myself and letting people in. I have an interesting story that others are drawn to and I have a network that I never really knew about. I am taking incremental steps towards my fitness, financial and relationship goals.

If you know deep inside that you are not acting on your goals, I recommend speaking with Jason and taking part in the Active Authenticity Challenge. Many of us have lived through a good part of our lives and don’t know who we are. Finding the authentic you through this challenge with Jason, will unleash the force in you that you always have known is there.

David Martin, Thirty Day Dad
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Your investment and commitment will change your life!  I promise you.

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