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Will You Consider Sharing Your Story?

The Book of Open is about our stories.  Without you, The Book of Open does not exist.

Please consider having the courage to share your story.  You will be amazed at how liberated you feel and how much support you receive.  You’ll see that the fears you feel about sharing more of yourself  turn out to be unfounded.  You will make new connections with incredible and kind people.


Don’t ever think that your story is not interesting or important enough.  It is. Your story is your gift to the world. 


I will be happy to help you write and edit it.  I will make sure that it looks the way you want before it is published.  I want you to feel comfortable and that you have been treated with respect.

Please the click button to talk to me about sharing your story on The Book of Open.  There is no pressure.  There is only love, support and encouragement.

Share Your Story