#55: The Book Of Open with Jason MacKenzie

Today I’m talking with Jason MacKenzie about the power of vulnerability. Jason is a father, speaker, author and coach. He shows people around the world how to create their best lives by finally finding the courage to share their real stories. Jason is sharing the important life lessons he has learned from his harrowing personal journey.

Podcast 543: Jason Mackenzie: Thinking Big Before Taking The Leap

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EP038: It’s Not About the Crunches

Jason MacKenzie has overcome a hardship that most of us would think impossible to overcome. His human reaction to a devastating event left him lost in a haze of guilt, shame and alcoholism. He used physical fitness as a type of retribution for his dirty deeds and his wife’s suicide as the rationale for letting himself fall apart.

How Embracing Vulnerability will Strengthen your Resolve and Manhood with Jason MacKenzie

The life that Jason Mackenzie had longed for was ripped out from underneath him when the mother of his daughters was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. After years of trying to hide the pain of watching his wife literally fall apart before him, Jason had to face the reality that his dream life was gone.

TSGP Ep84 – How to Breakthrough Strife and Create Opportunities w/ Jason MacKenzie

Jason MacKenzie is a writer, and the creator of The Book of Open. Jason drank as a way of coping with his wife Cindy’s bi-polar disorder. In 2010, the pain was too much, and Cindy took her own life. Jason was also left with two young daughters to now raise on his own, and…

Episode 07 – Courage with Jason MacKenzie –

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Jason is a father of two girls. One a fledgling teenager and the other a tween. Jason has an incredible story to tell about his battles with bipolar disorder and alcoholism – trust me, it’s not what you think but it IS important to hear what he has to say.

#12 Jason MacKenzie “From Drunk to Monk” | The Better Human Show on acast

Jason Mackenzie the father of 2 beautiful girls. His first wife committed suicide after a tragic struggle with bipolar disorder. Jason drank a hell of a lot for a long time and did all the stupid stuff that drunks do. Puked all over. Pissed all over.

The Power of Sharing Your Story w/ Jason MacKenzie by Christel Crawford, CF

Jason MacKenzie is a husband, a dad and an amazing man and writer. He has been featured on podcasts, and been a featured speaker and guest blogger. His story from “drunk to monk” has created waves and openings in other people’s lives, and a new project called The Book of Open is inviting other people to open and do the same.

014: Jason MacKenzie: From Drunk To Monk – Lauren Herrera

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Bio Jason has overcome the suicide of his wife and suffered from alcoholism. He is working every day to live his best life. He’s a better husband and friend than he has ever been. He’s the fittest and fastest he has been in his entire life.


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After Losing His Wife To Mental Illness, Jason Mackenzie Helps Others Cope – America’s Crisis Coach

Jason describes the journey as hellacious. Once his wife was diagnosed as Bi-Polar, he thought things would be easier but they weren’t. Medication wasn’t helping Their relationship wasn’t improving The mental illness was progressing Living with mental illness, Cindy was bouncing back and forth between mania and depression and for six years she suffered immensely.

Jason MacKenzie

Jason MacKenzie is the founder of TheBookOfOpen.com where he provides a platform for people to cultivate vulnerability by sharing their real stories. Jason is the father of two daughters and the husband to the woman who loved him even when he didn’t love himself.


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I Wish I Had Known Enough to Talk About What Was Happening

My wife Cindy took her own life after a long and tragic struggle with bipolar disorder. She endured six years of misery as she inexorably declined to a point from which there was no escape. In the end, she decided the only way to end her pain was to end her life.

Jason The Book of Open, Author at #PTSDchat

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