Learn How to be a Stronger, Wiser & More Courageous Father
I wrote this book so other fathers don't have to struggle the way I did. I want fathers to understand that we are our strongest when we are brave enough to be our authentic selves.

I didn't ask for help while I watched my wife die and ultimately commit suicide. I thought asking for help meant I was weak. I kept drinking for years afterwards because I was running from the emotions I was too afraid to feel.

I will help you find the courage to discover who you really are. That's the father your kids need you to be.
The Dad Edge Mastermind
A Life-Changing Mastermind for Men & Fathers
If you are looking for a tribe, community, friendship, and a group of like-minded men who all want to take their lives to the next level, this is an excellent opportunity to do it.

The group will be focused on: creating mental toughness, emotional resiliency, creating an unbeatable mind, work/life integration, improved relationships, more effective business, being a man of action, fitness, health, wealth, more patience...and just being an a man who is taking life head on, managing our lives at the peak level vs. life managing us.

These groups are not for everyone. Men who have a desire to learn something, but also teach. Men who have a great life, but want more. Men who might be struggling and want advice from others who are living life to the fullest. Men who are hungry for more in life. If you are comfortable where you are at and don't desire the above...these groups are not for you.
Larry Hagner
Larry is the best-selling author of The Dad Edge. He is also the host of the wildly popular podcast, The Good Dad Project. Larry is a dad of four boys and has helped fathers around the world level up their fatherhood game.
Jason MacKenzie
Jason is an expert on peak human performance. Jason was married to a police officer who took her own life after a tragic battle with mental illness. Jason has written a book for fathers and his mission is teach people the power they have to create their futures.