Learn How to be a Stronger, Wiser & More Courageous Father
Jason MacKenzie is an expert on peak human performance. He’s a father, speaker, author and coach. He teaches audiences around the world how cultivating vulnerability will liberate the strength, wisdom and courage we already possess.

He is a survivor of his wife's battle with bipolar disorder and subsequent suicide and has overcome a decade-long battle with alcohol. When he stopped running from grief and fear he became the husband and father his family deserves.

His driving purpose is to help lift those who want more from their lives to increasingly higher levels of personal and professional performance. Jason is a strength-finder and works with you to help you ask powerful, affirmative questions about what's best about you and your life. He'll help you dream about the future and then guide in you in carrying the best of yourself forward.

His mission is to show you that you are inherently successful and then stand back and watch you fly.