I STILL can’t find my Fitbit which, for this total data geek, is annoying as hell!  I know it’s on this floor somewhere!  I will find it and return back to the bliss of quantifying my fitness.

Yesterday was a good kettlebell workout.  I did 20 sets of kettlebell cleans with the 70 pound bells for sets of 10.  I intermixed the sets with a little skipping.  The day before that I did 45 damn hard minutes of interval training on the treadmill.  Everything is feeling great.  My endurance is up and I’m getting leaner.  I want to be carrying ZERO extra weight around when I do the actual event.

I am going to sign up for a few 10 k runs too.  One is in April in London and the one I want to beat my record in is in May in Toronto.

FitBit Stats

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