I hit the gym again and did 75 minutes on the treadmill.  I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anyone else doing intervals on the treadmill with a weighted vest on 🙂  It was for sure the hardest workout I have done yet and I can feel my endurance increasing rapidly.  It feels great!  I love the mental challenge of it all.

I’ve been slacking on the burpees because my legs are so sore!  But, I’m sure I am going to beat my record when I do them later today.

The previous day I did 20 sets of kettlebell snatches with the 62 pound kettlebells for sets of 3.  I did 4 drop sets near the end when I picked up one and did 5 more reps on each arm.

 FitBit Stats

Total Steps: 18,742

Distance: 14.27

Total Calories: 3,349

Total Active Minutes: 134

Resting Heart Rate: 47

Sleep: 5 h 38 min

Burpee Time (50):