Pretty straightforward day today.  I did an hour of very intense interval training on the treadmill.  The cycles go like this:

  • Put the incline to 20.  As it’s raising an gets to 5.0 I put the speed to 7.0 mph.
  • I run as long as I can at that speed and then lower it to 4.0.
  • I powerwalk for as long as I can and then lower the incline to 0.
  • I walk for 60-90 seconds at 4.0 mph and then repeat.

 FitBit Stats

Total Steps: 12,611

Distance: 9.74

Total Calories: 2,917

Total Active Minutes: 141

Resting Heart Rate: 47

Sleep: 7 h 58 min

Burpee Time (50):