I got up in the morning and did a brisk 10k walk at about 6 am.  It took about an hour and twenty minutes.  I love starting the day that way.   I got home and later in the morning did 15 sets of ring dips and about 10 sets up pushups with my feet elevated.  The rest of the day was pretty much spent sitting on my ass – either in the car driving to Buffalo or in a chair at Chloe’s cheerleading competition.

I’m going to start experimenting with time restricted feeding.  It’s like intermittent fasting.  Actually, it’s probably the same thing.  I’m going to create a video and post some links to some amazing podcasts that talk about this.  I love all the science behind it.

FitBit Stats

Total Steps: 20,031

Distance: 14.3

Total Calories: 3,519

Total Active Minutes: 141

Resting Heart Rate: 47

Sleep: 6 h 1 min

Burpee Time (50):