I cracked 3 minutes for 50 burpees which is great!  I’m not back to my best time from about 5 years ago when I was doing them more often.  I have a very different mindset about them this time.  Instead of suffering I look at them as a small crucible in which to begin to forge increased mental toughness.

I went to the North American Auto Show yesterday.  We casually walked around for about 2 hours.  It certainly wasn’t hard core exercise by any stretch of the imagination but it was a lot of fun and I was moving the whole time.

I did a great workout in the afternoon.  I did 15 sets of the following circuit:

  1. Kettlebell curls with the 62 pounders (hey – a guy can curl every once in a while)
  2. Pushups using my 71 pound KBs as handles and my feet elevated on a table.
  3. Jumping rope
  4. 10 burpees

Skipping is a real challenge when you get tired.  It also takes quite a bit of mental focus.  It was a great workout and took around 50 minutes or so.  I am loving the process of ratcheting up the intensity of my workouts.  There are so many more opportunities to cram more work into the same period of time.

FitBit Stats

Total Steps: 15,514

Distance: 11.08

Total Calories: 3,387

Total Active Minutes: 113

Resting Heart Rate: 48

Sleep: 6 h 37 min

Burpee Time (50): 2.58