There is no way these Fitbit stats are right from yesterday.  We spent hours walking around in the craziest ice storm I have seen in years.  Wow.  It was a great way to spend the day actually but man it was miserable as far as the weather goes.  Everything was encased in ice and walking was treacherous.  The finally shut down the trains and we took an Uber back.  Walking on all that ice was a great mental exercise as well as an intense core exercise as we struggled to stay upright!

Interestingly, I used some Wim Hof breathing techniques to stay warm and they totally worked!!!

FitBit Stats

Total Steps: 10,142

Distance: 7.66

Total Calories: 2,596

Total Active Minutes: 50

Resting Heart Rate: 51

Sleep: 7 h 59 min

Burpee Time (50): 3.05