I did 10 rounds of:

  • 10 kettlebell cleans with the 70 pound kettlebells
  • 10 gymnastic ring pushups
  • Skipping

After that I spent about 15 minutes skipping.  It’s a very interesting process as I cram more and more work into a shorter period of time.  Previously, I would have done a set of kettlebell cleans and then caught my breath for a few minutes and then would have done another set.  Now I’m jumping right into ring push ups and then right into skipping.  It’s a whole new level of intensity and I love it.

I didn’t have time to go for a walk in the evening as we left on a trip to the West coast right after I finished working out.

FitBit Stats

Total Steps: 11,871

Distance: 8.48

Total Calories: 3099 calories

Total Active Minutes: 95

Resting Heart Rate: 50 bpm

Sleep: 5 hr 44 min