1. I am grateful for John Kane and the incredible opportunity he has given me to speak to his organization in Portland this week.  He is an amazing, open and vulnerable man.  I am so lucky to have met him and to have given a talk which resonated deeply with him.
  2. I am grateful for listening to David Goggins on the Rich Roll podcast.  He is the bad ass of all bad asses and when I listen to his story I realize how pathetic my excuses are.  https://www.richroll.com/podcast/david-goggins/
  3. I am grateful that the girls took it upon themselves to go way above and beyond the list of chores they had to do.  They made a bigger list, divided the work and got things done while Mommy was out.
  4. I am grateful that I took Chloe to the bank machine to show her how to deposit cash.  I am also grateful for the fact that Tanja suggested that we make her do it herself so she gets comfortable with money.  That was a great idea and the right thing to do.
  5. I am grateful that I had a wonderful conversation with a friend who is in my mastermind group last night.  I love talking to him and experiencing his journey.