FIRST: I know that I have the ability within me to create the life I desire, and I am making the decision to make this day, and every day, the best day of my life. I believe in my ability and the limitless potential that lies within each of us; therefore, I commit to persistent, continuous action toward the attainment of my goals and dreams, and I promise to render such action each and every day.

SECOND: I believe that consciously expressing and practicing gratitude will allow me to realize improvements in all areas of my life.  I commit to keeping and sharing a gratitude journal so I will make the time to think about and appreciate all the things in my life that I have to be grateful for.  I am blessed in so many ways and by making the time to celebrate them I will become more optimistic, happier and more productive – all of which will help me live my best life.

THIRD: I know that the only way to create my best future is to live my absolute best right now.  This moment is the only moment that matters. I will choose optimism because it always creates better outcomes – for myself and everyone involved.  I will enjoy each moment in the journey that I am creating.  I will never let others get me down.  I will look at every moment as an opportunity to help others and create goodness in the world.

FOURTH: I completely embrace that the level of good I do in this world will be returned to me.  I understand that in order to achieve my dreams I must always treat others with integrity and in a manner that leaves them feeling more optimistic and hopeful.  I will treat every conversation and interaction with people as a way to create joy and positivity in this world.  I will use this blog as a way to expand the reach of my message and commit to consistently creating high-quality, meaningful content that is completely open, honest and transparent.

FIFTH: I want to help create a family where we bring each other joy and happiness and support each other in creating what we truly want.  I want each of us to understand we have the power to make choices to leave our most powerful impact.  I imagine sitting on my rocking chair celebrating the abundance and service we have created in this world.  I will continue to strive to be the best husband, father and son that I can be. I will love my wife every day by supporting her, talking with her, laughing with her and being a wonderful husband.  I will be present when we’re together so I can give her my full attention. I will do the same with my children because I know I have the power to help them create and live their absolute best lives and achieve their dreams.  I love my family.

SIXTH: I will work every single day to create a business based on making a positive impact in the world. I will try to find ways to help people and add value to their lives. I know that when I do this I feel the happiest and most fulfilled. I will be a man of service and I will teach my children to do the same. I will continue to work to ensure that I spent my days living the life of my dreams. And I will love the process.