I had a great chat with Tanja yesterday after she read my first Diary of Me.   She was wondering if I was creating more of what I didn’t want by talking about the things that stress me out.  It was a great question and I thought about it all day yesterday.  I don’t have the answer.  I guess what I do know is that I felt better after writing it.  Putting things down on “paper” makes them seem less scary.  They are just words on a page instead of this confusing thoughts.  It’s like they have a kind of form to them.

I also drove for 4 hours yesterday with a friend that is struggling to break free of the mental barriers he’s putting up.  He read my post yesterday and it had the exact effect I was hoping.  It stimulated a great conversation about overcoming the fears that are holding us back.  I feel like if I put myself out there people might think they can do it too.

Every email that comes in from the publisher stresses me right out.  They have all these opportunities on offer from masterminds, to press releases, to author endorsements blah blah blah.  And I want to do them all but I’m not even done Chapter 1 yet.  I want to do this so perfectly but it feels totally overwhelming.  I think Tanja is going to help me.  I can’t tell you how much calmer that makes me feel.

I worked on a lot of material for The New Grad Project yesterday.  That made me feel really good too.  Sometimes I think so much about creating that I don’t have any time to actually create.   Which is crazy because it’s when I am at my happiest.  I actually get into a state of flow and time just disappears.  Think less.  Create more.


  • I’m grateful that I had such good conversations with a friend yesterday about important things in his life.  I know he is thinking a little differently now.  I want to keep helping him.
  • I’m glad I talked to another friend last night who is in a tough spot and has finally decided to take a stand.  I’m really proud of her.  Taking ownership over your own life in the face of ignorance and apathy can be hard.  But it’s so damn empowering.
  • I’m grateful that Tanja is so good at helping Chloe navigate the complicated social dynamics of Grade 7.  She is very, very lucky.
  • I’m grateful that I get to a kettlebell workout outside after work. I’m really looking forward to getting some Vitamin D.  It’s going to be at the edge of a Farmer’s field behind the hotel which is slightly odd.  But very awesome.
  • I am grateful for today.  What are you grateful for?