I’m in Niagara Falls for Chloe’s big cheerleading competition and I’m realizing that there’s not much little left in my little girl any more.  She’s grown in a fiercely competitive young woman and a committed athlete.  This is the first time I’ve felt a bit of wistfulness about the march of time.  At least I can take solace in the fact that she’s a daughter that I am  proud of.

Melody is in a  slow recovery from a concussion.  She whacked her head a week and a half ago.  I didn’t realize how much care needs to be taken while your brain is healing.  She’s going a little stir crazy while we force her to be calm and still.  It’s an active eleven year old’s worst nightmare.  I’m her recovery is at the hands of a wonderful healer – her mommy.

I continue to struggle to balance everything I am trying to make happen.  There is so much to do and so much to learn.  Writing a book is a huge challenge.  I’m happy with what I am writing.  I’ve written the introduction and now it’s time to move into the meat of the book.  But I think the introduction is way too long 🙂  The publisher is sending me all the marketing material, planning tools etc.  It’s a lot to take in.  But I am going to do everything right in order to make the biggest splash possible.

My first story is up on The Huffington Post.   I’m thrilled that this has happened.  I haven’t publicized it yet because there is a spelling mistake in it.  In the first sentence!!  They are going to fix it tomorrow.  Regardless, this is another channel for me to start building a tribe.  I am committed to adding high quality content there and seeing what happens.  This is a wonderful opportunity for me.

Explaining Love to a 12 Year Old

An interesting conversation spawned from a moment I though was innocuous. It reminded me of that parents and children see the world from different perspectives. My wife said something and I rolled my eyes at her. My intent was not to be mean or vicious but rather it was to say, “OK, OK.


We’ve pivoted on our webinar.  We’re now going to offer a free course with the webinar as the opt-in at the end.  It’s a great idea.  Jeff has seized this ball and run with it.  He is great because he is the details guy that will get into the weeds and figure all this stuff out.  He’s smart as hell on top of that.  I’m happy we’re partners.  We’re going to have a call tomorrow night to figure out our strategy.  It’s exciting.

I have to tell you about a coaching session I had on Thursday night.  It was with the incredibly generous Frank Teravich.  This man has some kind of X Factor when it comes to drawing the very best out of you.  We spent about three hours together and the results blew my mind.    There were insights and ideas inside me that I didn’t know I had.  By the time we were done we had a model of vulnerability taking shape that was so good!  But it was more than that.  I was in a state of flow and I want more of it!!!  I don’t know if I have ever been in a creative state quite like the one we created together.  I can’t thank Frank enough for his help.

Welcome to Inspired Results

As an experienced leader, I knows what it takes to engage and energize a team. My educational background in Operations Management and Adult Education gives me the necessary skills to inspire people to get great results; I inspire people to focus their behaviours so they can bring you better business results.

I’ve been doing a ketogenic diet for a about a week and a half.  I cracked last night because we’re out of town and I didn’t plan all that well.  Regardless, I’m really surprised at how much better I feel.  I find that I am becoming more and more intolerant of carbs as I get older.  I feel hungry and bloated more often than I ever did in my younger days.  This is natural part of aging.  My energy levels are more stable, I’m not getting hungry and I’m losing some body fat.  The weather should finally get nice enough to ride my bike to work late next week.  I’m curious to assess the impact on my athletic performance.

  • I’m grateful that my life feels like a voyage of discovery
  • I’m grateful that my best friends have a life changing opportunity in front of them
  • I’m grateful that I am learning how to write a book.
  • I’m grateful that Chloe has a great chance of winning Nationals again this year.  I’m grateful because she works so damn hard.
  • I’m grateful for my family.  Beyond grateful.