On August 30, 2014 I drank my last drop of alcohol. I awoke at 2 AM and I knew that I was finished poisoning my life and the lives of those I cared about most.  I don’t know how I knew, but I knew. And from that moment on, everything started to change.

I want you to understand what sobriety means to me because it might help you understand what it can mean to you. I can’t and won’t tell you to stop drinking. It’s not my place because only you can make that choice. What I can do, is tell you that for me, sobriety is a infinitely better.  It’s better in ways that I never imagined.  Making the choice to be sober has given me the foundation on which to start creating the life of my dreams.

I embrace and understand that which I used to reflexively judge. I listen more and talk less.  I’m me instead of the person I thought you wanted me to be.  I’ve chosen to extend my hand instead of cross my arms. Where I used to see constraints,  I now see an endless expanse filled with possibilities.