For the last 6 years this time of year has been one of mixed emotions.  Of celebration and sadness.  It’s a time to look towards the future while remembering the past.

Melody turned eleven years old this weekend.  She is growing into such a wonderful young lady and seems wise beyond her years.  I wonder sometimes if she was born that way or if it’s a result of the experiences she’s been through.  She’s confident in a way that few are and she has an ease about her that makes others feel comfortable regardless of their age.  I’m blessed that she is my daughter.

This is also a time to honour a life lost.  On March 26, Cindy will have been gone for six years.  On March 23 she would have been forty-four years old.  It’s amazing how quickly time passes.  She was 38 at the time of her death.   At the time it 38 seemed old.  Now, not so much.

The timing of Melody’s birth seems to take on a little more significance for me each year.  As Cindy’s memory fades the fact that she lives on in the girls becomes more important.  She is a part of them and always will be.  It seems sadly ironic that we celebrate the birth of a child and honour the loss of her mother at the same time of year.

We visited Cindy’s grave on the weekend.  It was made special because we met Leslie, Cindy’s sister.  It was the first time the girls and Tanja had met her and it was the first time I had seen her in over twenty years.  I’m so glad she was there to be a part of that day.  It was so nice to spend time and connect and reconnect.  I felt like we bridged a gap that shouldn’t have existed for as long as it did.  Connections matter.

I love my family.