Well it’s officially a leap day and I didn’t have an anxiety attack last night so we’re off to a great start 🙂  I decided to do pretty much no work yesterday.  I needed a break so I took one.  At least as much as 10 hours in an arena filled with a million cheerleaders can be considered a break 🙂

Speaking of cheerleading, I’m so happy for Chloe.  Her Level 3 team took home the Provincial Championships.  Her team worked hard and came together to get it done over two days of competition.  I’m proud of Chloe for being chosen to bring the trophy home.  Her coach told her that she hit all weekend and she landed her first front tucks in competition.  That was a big milestone for her.  I love how she always “shows up.”

Here’s what a Youth Level 3 Cheerleading routine looks like.  The Level 5 and 6 teams are astonishing in their skill and athleticism.

I’m so happy to have a story of mine featured on The Good Dad Project blog.  Larry Hagner runs the site along with a very popular podcast.  This guy is a regular dad with three kids who is making amazing things happen.  He’s bringing dad’s together and offering them advice.  He’s a totally normal guy who is an inspiration to me.  Oh yeah, and he’s just released a best-selling book!  Amazing.  Check him out.  I was introduced to him as a result of being on The Better Human Show.

Remember: always find ways to help people and people will find ways to help you.  This is one of the most important lessons I have learned in my life.

From Drunk to Monk by Jason Mackenzie

Jason Mackenzie drank for a long time. He drank to cope with his wife’s battle with bipolar disorder. He drank to cope with her suicide. He drank for years afterwards so he didn’t have to grieve her death. And he drank so he didn’t have to try to be the man his heart knew he could be.

I published an article I am happy with. It’s called The Art of Conversational Questions.  In it, I talk about how to create an environment where kids welcome your questions and want to talk to you. I know its something that many parents struggle with.  Give it a read, you might find some advice you can put into practice.

The Art of Conversational Questions

I had a few texts yesterday from people that told me that I have inspired them to either stop or drastically cut down their consumption of alcohol!!  Can you believe that?  I never, ever could have imagined that being possible just a few short years ago.  Hell, even a few short months ago!  I also got an email from a woman in my company who told me there are posters up in their cafeteria.  It’s a picture of my ugly mug with the words, “Have you shared your story today?”  Unbelievable.  I feel so damn blessed.

I am grateful that I am having so many positive conversations and interactions than I have ever had before.

I am grateful that we are talking a family trip to Chicago for a cheerleading competition in a few days. We’re going to check out the Museum of Natural History and walk all over the city.  We can’t wait.

I am grateful how thoughtful and considerate Chloe is becoming.  Sometimes she sees other kids behaving in ways that don’t jive with her values.   She doesn’t let it draw her in and stays true to what she believes is right.  I love that she has the strength and internal compass to do that.

I am grateful today and all the possibilities that are in front of us.  What are you grateful for?