You may have noticed the clever name change that lets me off the hook for updating this every day.  I’m finding with everything I am trying to do there is just not enough time.   When I reread that sentence after writing it, it looks lame and an awful lot like a cop out.  Perhaps I need to ponder that some more.

Speaking of cops….OK that was a terrible segue.  I mentioned  Brian Knowler and I have committed to each doing our own webinar.  To refresh your memory, Brian is the amazing dude that shared his battle with post-traumatic stress on The Book of Open.  I am proud to call him a new friend.  We’re in this webinar thing together.  It’s great to have people that will hold you accountable.  Even though he is not pulling is weight at all right now.  That’s actually not true, but guys motivate each other by talking smack.   Or at least this guy does.

My Friend Died In My Arms: A Cop’s Story on Battling and Beating PTSD


This is a subject that I knew very little about.  I now know much more than I did yesterday morning!  How you ask?  Beautiful generosity from the amazing Christel Crawford.  She took a half an hour of her time and showed me the mechanics of how it all works.  She packed so much information into that half an hour. It was amazing and perfect.  She also recorded it and put it on YouTube.  I’m getting a new laptop this week so there will be no more crap video on my end with the camera pointing straight up my nose.  My voice won’t sound like I have my head stuck in a toilet bowl either.  Unless that’s what my voice really sounds like. I’m digressing.  If you can get past all that then the content is great!

Christel is also the most incredible “possibility thinker” and creator ever.  Just talking to her reinforces how I need to think about what’s possible and what my choices will create.   The way she speaks makes it seem like such a natural way to think despite the fact that it’s the polar opposite of how many of us do think.   She sent me a link to a very compelling video about a recovering addict sharing his story.  It has over 200,000 views.  She asked me, “What would it create if you asked him to share his story on The Book of Open?  Well, shit.  Great questions!  So I asked.  Let’s see that creates!

Tanja also is a possibility thinker.  I used to find it incredibly annoying. I know now it was because I was placing all kinds of limitations on myself and she was challenging that comfy, pathetic paradigm.  Damn, I love that woman.

Christel also helped remind me to think about who I want to target, what I want to accomplish and what else I can offer the audience.  I’m going to spend the next few days thinking about it.  It’s a little fuzzy right now.

I want to do a webinar targeted towards giving women advice about finding their perfect partner.  Why woman?  I have this thing where I love to help women that are facing challenges in their life?  Why?  I haven’t a clue.  Perhaps it’s something that I might delve into one today.  But that day is not today 🙂  I want to show women that there are caring, open, nice and reasonably enlightened men out there.  We exist and there are lots and lots of us.  To find the right people in our lives we need to look inward first.

I want to talk to them about loving themselves and the power of vulnerability.  How will I get paid?  I will ask them to consider writing a story for The Book of Open.  That will benefit everyone that reads the site and will expand my audience.  It will also help them start to own their stories which is such an important first step.  If I can get 10 people on the first one I will be thrilled.

I also reached out and had a few other people offer to share their stories with me.  I was showing someone the website at work yesterday.  She told me there is someone at work who has an unbelievable story.  She outlined it for me and my jaw hit the floor.  It is almost unbelievable.  We chatted later in the day and she is willng to share her story.  Hers is one of those ones that  makes you look in the mirror and go, “My life is pretty fucking good after all.”  Despite what she has been through she is a wonderfully positive woman.  She’s my kind of people.

I’ve gotten so much excellent guidance from Hogan Hilling on writing my book.  I have a bunch of homework I need to do.  I plan to do it while I’m at Chloe’s cheerleading competition all weekend.  I love sitting in the stands and plugging away at the work I am passionate about while watching a kid that I am passionate about so the thing that she is passionate about.  Hogan shared this moving and important piece for the book of open yesterday.  He has another one in the queue.  He is a wonderful man and mentor.  With his help I know I will have my book published.  It sounds almost unbelievable to say that.

I Missed Him

What else?  I had someone reach out to me and ask me to be on their podcast yesterday.  That’s two I have scheduled.  This ones will be recorded with proper video and audio equipment.  It’s time to up my game and very carefully control the content I put out in the world.  It all affects the brand that I am trying to build.  Even if I have no clue what that brand is right now 🙂

I am grateful for the fact that people share so openly with me now.  I sat down at lunch and talked to one of our front line leaders at work yesterday.  You know what we talked about?  The importance of writing down our thoughts and feelings.  The fact that I am having those conversations means the world to me.  It means that people trust me enough to share.  I will never, ever violate that trust.

I am grateful that my article on Telling Your Kids Your Story is going to be published on The Good Dad Project blog.  Larry Hagner is doing  important work and is building an amazing tribe of men committed to being the best dads they can be.

Tell Your Kids Your Story

I am grateful that the needles are really moving in the right direction at work.  It’s frustrating at times but we’re making massive progress.

I am grateful that my life is becoming increasingly filled with positive and uplifting interactions with people.  It’s crowding out everything else which is propelling me to new heights!

I am grateful for the relationship I have with my incredible wife.  She is my favourite human.  I wonder how many times I have said that?  I’m not even close to being done.  I estimate I will say it about a million more times in my life.

I am grateful for today.  What are you grateful for?