Holy crow a lot is happening!  Did I mention that I feel overwhelmed?  I think this is probably a good thing but I can’t seem to turn my damn brain off.  It’s a struggle to be present sometimes.  When I have some downtime I feel like I should be doing something to move myself forward.  I need to get a grip on this and be patient.  It’s never been something that I do well.  Life is a journey.

Part of it is that I feel like I am careening off a cliff into the unknown.  I trust that everything will turn out right.  As long as my intentions are pure and my actions are noble.  I will continue to find ways to be of service to other people.  When I do that things will work out.  It doesn’t change the fact that discomfort is uncomfortable.

I love the way that my wife and I emerge stronger no matter what we go through.  We had a bit of a struggle with our oldest daughter over the past few days.  It’s just normal growing up stuff but we have differing views of exactly how to handle it.   We talked things out and at times things got a little heated.  And here we are,  stronger than ever.  We can do that because neither of us pretends to have all the answers and every discussion comes from a place of deep love and respect.  We never talk down to each other.  Ever.

My workouts are going well.  I did 504 kettlebell swings the other day with the 44 pounders.  I did a bunch of sets of 20 and a bunch of 18 for 27 sets total.  Brutal.  But amazing.   Yesterday was a regular old chest workout.  Flyes, cables and dips.  It’s crazy how easy they seem compared to the total body devastation of the bells.

I am grateful for my family.  My wife and kids are everything to me and give me so much strength.

I am grateful that someone from across the globe reached out to me yesterday and shared their very personal story.  Being able to be a safe place for people means so much to me.

I am grateful that some people who are scared to share their stories are inching ever closer to “ripping the band-aid off”  You know who you are 🙂

I am grateful that I spent a wonderful evening with Melody last night.  I love spending time with my daughters so much.  It’s so easy and we have such incredible conversations.

I am grateful for today.  What are you grateful for?