Doesn’t pretend to have all the answers.

Asks questions instead of making assertions.. He teaches that questions are the path to wisdom.

Asks his children for their unique and beautiful opinions.

Is not afraid to share his doubts and uncertainties. He models that vulnerability is courage.

Loves his spouse in words and deeds so his children will expect nothing less.

Is kind and open with all people.

Knows that every interaction with his children shapes all our futures.

Humbly asks for forgiveness when he makes mistakes.

Owns his story and imparts the lessons he has learned.

Tells the truth even when he is scared to do so.

Sings lullabies because to his children his voice is beautiful.

Teaches that failures are as valuable as successes.

Laughs at himself so that his children learn to laugh at themselves.

Is secure enough in himself to allow his children to grow into their authentic selves.

Shares his dreams so his children know that they are a part of them.

Hugs his children as though there are no other moments before or after this one.

Is the author of his own Book of Open.

Is invincible because has laid down his shield.