I started writing almost a year ago.  At the time my purpose was to share everything I was learning.  You see, I quit drinking about 8 months before and every day was a new discovery.  I was understanding what life without alcohol could be.  I was learning who I was without the anchor of alcohol dragging me down.  It was exhilarating and I wanted to share everything.

I created website From Drunk to Monk.  The title was meant to be catchy and I think I succeeded.  It was therapeutic for me and I know I helped people with what I shared.  It feels great that I was able to do that just by sharing my story.  I wrote about many different topics from my wife’s suicide to gratitude to parenting to fitness.  Every time I wrote I grew and moved forward just a bit.

Some days were incredible.  One in particular stood out.  A story of mine was republished on Fatherly, Babble and PopSugar in the span of three days.  I had one day where I had almost 6000 hits with almost 1500 unique visitors.  That was a thrill to say the least.  I was like a junkie hitting refresh on my stats every two (okay, one) minutes.  It made me realize that I can make something of this and I can grow my platform and spread my message.

Lately I feel as though I’m transitioning.  I have come to believe in the amazing power of sharing our stories with one another.   I know first hand how they connect us and strengthen us all.  We need more that binds us together instead of driving us apart.  When we lay down our shields we become invincible.   I say it a lot and its the one phrase that resonates with me more than all others.

The drunk part of me is fading into the distance.  I’m not that person any longer.  I’ve come too far and changed too much to ever want to return to the place where I was.  That doesn’t mean I won’t remain vigilant.  I always will because I have to.  I don’t want to think of myself in those terms any longer although I want to share the lessons I have learned from that time because they are so important.

What matters to me now is not sharing my story.  It’s all of us sharing all our stories.  I want The Book of Open to be a story sharing platform where we can finally feel safe to show our true selves.  The response I have gotten so far tells me I’m on the right track.  This is my vision.  This is my passion.  This is my offering.

So, maybe the monk isn’t dead.  It’s the drunk who’s  on life support.