I like to write daily for my own benefit.  It’s been a part of my mornings for almost a year now and I plan on continuing it.  It feels good to take the time to think about the things that I’m grateful for and what I’ve learned.  If I share them and someone else benefits from them then all the better!

I had some great things happen to me yesterday.  First of all, Christel Crawford reached out to me yesterday and I asked if I would be on her new podcast/YouTube channel.  Obviously I jumped at the chance!  Then she wrote a wonderful blog post that talked about what I am trying to create.  So, so, so nice!  Read her blog post, she is speaking the truth about taking the time to realize just how far you’ve come.


I wrote a story called A Letter to a Friend yesterday.  I heard back from her yesterday and I think my words made a difference.  She is thinking about sharing her story on The Book of Open.  I hope she does because there are so many powerful lessons to be learned.

A Letter to a Friend

I had a few people submit their stories this weekend.   There are a few more in the pipeline too that will blow you away.  I need to think more about how to have the biggest impact.  My biggest fear is that this all fizzles out next week.  But why is that a fear?  It really shouldn’t be, should it?  I know that I have everything I need to keep this rolling.  If I get one powerful story a week to share then that’s 52 stories in a year.  That is an amazing contribution.  Be cool with it all Jay.  Be cool.

Doing right will create right.

I did a great workout yesterday.  I did 20 sets of kettlebell thrusters for sets of 10.  Plus I took a selfie because I am a hoser that way. It’s amazing what filters can do! Regardless, my strength and endurance is through the roof and I love working out at home.  I even love the kettlebells even though I hate them.

I love that I understand the inter-relatedness of everything now.  I know that I am in my best physical shape ever because I am in my best emotional and spiritual shape ever.  We are whole beings and we need to nurture ourselves that way.  It’s not about the crunches or meditating or drinking a green smoothie.  It’s about how we choose to look at and interact with the universe.  It’s about asking questions about how to create more of what you love.  It’s not letting yourself be limited by barriers that you’ve created.  When you start working on that, everything just starts to fall into place.  It almost seems like a miracle until I stop and think about it.  When I do, I realize it makes perfect sense.


I am grateful that I have started this project.  I think it will make a powerful difference.  It feels so good to be making this kind of contribution to the universe.

I am grateful that Christel reached out to me.  She is building something amazing.  What she has accomplished in the last year is incredible.  She is just the type of person I want to have more of in my life.  I’m so happy that she sees value in my work.

I am grateful for today.   What are you grateful for?