No one should have to see what you’ve seen.  Nothing could have prepared you for that kind of trauma.   Our minds and spirits are beautiful but fragile.  Stress fractures can appear more easily than we’d like to admit and often when we least expect.  When they do, we’re left trying to make ourselves whole once again.  And so, here you are.

I know some days you feel broken. You are not broken.  You’ve shown that you can’t be.   You are here, you are healing and you are fighting your way forward.  Who knows where forward will take you? Your journey is full of choices and opportunities.  Just be open to seeing them. They can take you to places you never imagined.

Never shy away from owning your story.   Don’t allow yourself or others to tell only part of your story. The parts they think are OK.  When you do, you’re telling someone else’s story.  The person you want people to believe that you are.  That will never allow you to build your best life.  Trust me, I know.

When you own and share your story, you will draw people to you.  You’ve already seen this to be true.  By opening yourself,  you create a place of safety for others to do the same.  A place free of judgment or recrimination and one of connection and humanity.   You know you can change lives because you already have.  And those people you connect with?  They’ll be the kind of people you want more of in your life.

Make sure your sense of self worth comes from within. Believe with all humility that you are beautiful and special and perfect as you are. When you do, you will be invincible.   When you look outward for validation, its because you don’t love and accept all of you.  When you look to others for your dignity they can take it away from you.  Don’t ever give anyone that power over you.  People that love you would never ask for it in the first place.

Remember that those that judge you are judging themselves.  People that accept themselves as they are don’t waste time casting judgement on others.  They know that we are all human and therefore all fallible. We’ve all made mistakes and we’ll all make more of them.   They know that every mistake or hurdle is an opportunity to learn. Surround yourself with more of those people.

I know sometimes you don’t feel valuable.  You wonder why you’re in this spot at all.  You can no longer do the thing that you’ve worked so hard for.  That would be a tough pill for anyone to swallow.  Open your mind to the fact that this happened for a reason.  You don’t need to know what it is right now.  I believe that your story will allow you to help so many more people than you would have otherwise.

Being valuable is the best way to feel valuable.  Find simple ways to help people and you will create goodness in everyone’s life.  Hold open a door, smile, share your story.  It doesn’t matter because it all matters.  Its amazing how being of service to others has the ability make us feel so good.  I know you know that because you’ve done it. Do it a little more.

Always be open to the unlimited possibilities that surround you. Creating false choices for yourself limits your options and creates fear that paralyzes you.   Don’t create a prison in your mind where all the options outside the cage are worse than being locked up.  Make the choice to be free.

 You can be anything. You can do anything.

You know my story and the series of events that led me to where I am today.  A few choices have changed the trajectory of my life.  The first was an email I sent demanding change.  The second was quitting drinking which allowed me to finally live  the change I wanted to create.  Every day that passes takes me further away from the path I was on.  2 years ago I never thought this was possible.  Turns out, it is.

Start thinking about what it is you love to do.   Think about it without limitations.  Don’t create reasons why it can’t happen.  That’s a waste of time and guarantees that they won’t happen.  Open your mind and spirit to what it would feel like to do more of what you love.   What would your life look like? It would be incredible, wouldn’t it?

When you start to discover what you love, do more of it.  Don’t focus on getting rid of what you think is not working.  When you start doing more of what you love you will outgrow what’s not working.  You will crowd it out with the abundance that you create for yourself and others.

Never forget to love yourself.  It’s the most important thing you can do.  It’s the foundation on which everything that lasts is built.  You are worthy of it.  Try to replace the narrative in your head that says, “Because this happened to me, I’m not good enough.”  You are the only one creating that and you are the one with the power to change it.

You can’t change what happened to you and you can’t change the people you wish were different.   You can only change you and how you look at what’s in front of you.   And you know what?  That’s more than enough to create the life of your dreams.

Your story has the power to inspire others to change their lives for the better.  Will you tell it?  If you do, I’ll be listening.

Take the best of care,