To say I feel humbled is an understatement.  The Book of Open has been open for business for about four days.  The response has been overwhelming.  I am so grateful that people are choosing to share their powerful and personal stories.

It’s been interesting to talk to people and try to answer the most basic question.  “What kind of stories are you looking for?”  My response has been, “I don’t care that much as long as they are raw and real.”  That is what will resonate with people and help us build important connections.

Look at Kelly’s story for an idea of what I mean.  It doesn’t get much more personal than that.  But its more than tragedy.  It’s a story about finally overcoming.  Loving ourselves is one of the things that we struggle with the most.  When we do it changes everything.

I was going to publish Kelly’s story next week.  As I read and reread it I felt like I couldn’t wait a few days.

Kelly Early’s Amazing Journey

I felt the need to point out in Kelly’s story that I don’t want to endorse any particular modality or program.  I do want to make sure to include all of people’s stories though.  If someone used Program X to change their lives then by all means, check out Program X.  Or don’t.  It’s your call.  You will do what is right for you.  Just remember that there is a universe of possibility out there.

Thank you to everyone that has commented and read.  The more interactions we have with each other the better off we’ll all be.  Share you stories!  And remember:

When you lay down your shield you will become invincible!