I’m trying to create something and I have zero idea if it will do anything for anyone at all.  I’m terrified that it will be a giant waste of time.  I’m not so worried about looking like a tool.  At least that’s a comfortable and familiar place for me.

I want to make it OK for people to share their stories.  Their raw, real, vulnerable stories.  I know what kind of difference doing that can make.  It can be life changing for the people telling the story and for the people reading them.  Allowing myself to be vulnerable has changed my life for the better.

I know that if I do this right it could take my life in an entirely new direction.  One that where I dedicate myself to helping people live better lives.  I want to inspire, motivate and coach people to love themselves and stop succumbing to fear.

Except I’m scared that this won’t work.  Does that make me a con artist? Or does that make me a good example because I’m pushing forward in spite of my fears?  At least I know that sharing them makes them feel more manageable and less intimidating.  And that’s the point.


I’m not worried about being condemned or laughed at.  I’m worried about doing a half-assed job.  I’m worried about not doing everything possible to make things better for myself and for you.


I had this “amazing idea”, registered the domain name TheBookOfOpen.com and bought a WordPress theme.  I like to spend money before I have actually thought anything through.  It’s how I roll.   I sat down to start playing around with it and realized I had a problem.

I couldn’t even articulate what I am trying to do.  I tried to explain it to Tanja with minimal success.  I did manage to stammer a few quasi-sentences out.  My head literally started to hurt.  “What the hell am I doing?? I can’t even string a few sentences together to describe my grand vision!”

Then Tanja said something that blew my mind, as she often does.  She said, “Why are you trying to limit it right now?  Why not keep yourself open to possibilities?  What would making that choice create for you?  Why not just say:”


Share your story.  You’ll feel better.  You’ll help other people feel better.


Done.  All the pressure in my head disappeared.  Unbelievable. So that’s what I am going to do.  Create a space where people can help each other by being our authentic selves.  A place where we can stop being afraid of our story and start owning it.

So I don’t know what it will look like.  I’ll figure that out.  I don’t care if people want to tell their stories anonymously or proudly put their name and picture up.  It doesn’t matter to me.  This isn’t only for people who have overcome.  It’s for all of us. It’s the story that matters and sometimes just being able to write it down is ownership enough.  Our journeys are each unique and beautiful.

I’ll tell you what I do need to do.   I need to live my best life in order to inspire others to live theirs.  I am asking people to trust me with their most cherished possession – their stories.  In order to ask that I need to be a man that people know and can trust.  I will be that man and I will never violate that sacred trust.

The most important thing is I believe with my heart and soul I can make a difference.   I know not what form it will take or how many people I will reach.

Let this journey begin…..