Master the Art of Vulnerability
I educate entrepreneurial-minded parents on how to find the courage to create new and deeper relationships with people, including their kids.

And if they want to use those relationships to power personal and professional growth, I show them how to do that too.

How? Vulnerability, Authenticity & Action
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Peak performance starts with choosing to cultivate vulnerability.   A whole new set of inputs will become available for you to take advantage of.  You will easily learn from your mistakes which will give you the courage to take chances.  People who make the choice to show up and be seen are the ones who change the world.  Let me show you how to be that person.


Let’s work together to re-imagine what it means to be a father.   You’re expected to provide for their kids’ financial and physical security.  Don’t stop there.  Show them how to be vulnerable, face their fears and chart their own amazing course in life.   Let me show you how being vulnerable will help your kids create their best lives.


You become a leader by making the choice to take the lead.  When you see someone who needs help, help them.  Show someone what they are capable of.   Share your story with them so they feel safe to share theirs with you.  Leadership is a choice that every single one us has the power to make. I want to help you make it.

I will be forever grateful that I did I crossed paths with Jason In Jason, I met a man who has spent the last several years profoundly reflecting on his choices, his marriages, his children, and his life as a whole. Through these ruminations, he has come to believe that vulnerability, and admission of that vulnerability, is a key to healing, growing, and teaching. More specifically, he proudly talks about how being a true man, a true father, means being able to admit to weaknesses, fears, and doubt. He is not afraid to shine a light into the dark corners of mental health, police culture, and 'the thin blue line'. He has a unique perspective as someone who was once connected with the police family, yet has seen what membership in that family can mean, and what it can do to a woman who was once a strong and vibrant cop, mother, and wife. Jason is a must-have speaker for any organization who wants to get ahead of the curve on the ever-growing issue of mental health in the workplace and how it is wrapped up with a person's career and identity. I highly recommend his presentations to first responder groups who wish to hear about the lasting legacy of suicide by a person in uniform on those left picking up the pieces .  
I’m Forever Grateful to Have Crossed Paths with Jason
If you’ve never worked with Jason before, I highly recommend you do. I used to be his boss, now I consider him a great friend.  The best part - I am learning from him each and every day. It was Jason that gave me the courage to take action in my life and start impacting others in the positive ways he thought I could.  It was his “permission” that has helped me move forward. For months I had been considering publishing a website and writing about my experiences as a leader and as a father.  But I hadn’t taken action.  I convinced myself that I should just focus on my new job. My meeting with Jason Mackenzie changed all that.  It was Jason that gave me the courage to take action and start impacting others in the positive ways he felt I could.  It was the “permission” I guess I needed all along……… When you are your authentic self and share your struggles, you can connect with anyone!  Jason will teach you how to show up, and take your life to a better place in more ways than you can imagine.
Jason Has Changed My Life
I had the pleasure of working in the same office as Jason for many years. I watched him slowly overcome hardship and morph into an unstoppable force. After a meeting I asked him “what are you doing”? That was when I first witnessed the power of vulnerability. I knew Jason had lost his wife but had no idea the extent of the pain and suffering for him and his family. This openness didn’t cause me to runaway from him but brought me closer to him. Jason started telling me this intimate story because it “is” what he is doing. You “see” the fitness results and soon you will be able to “hold” the philosophy in Jason’s new book. It is the vulnerability and authenticity though that makes all this possible. I have been working with Jason since early April. I am learning about myself and letting people in. I have an interesting story that others are drawn to and I have a network that I never really new about. I am taking incremental steps towards my fitness, financial and relationship goals. If you know deep inside that you are not acting on your goals, I recommend speaking with Jason and taking part in the Active Authenticity Challenge. Many of us have lived through a good part of our lives and don’t know who we are. Finding the authentic you through this challenge with Jason, will unleash the force in you that you always have known is there.
Jason is an Unstoppable Force